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Saturday, March 25, 2017 by admin

Instagram Is The Hottest Growth Channel Right Now.

Instagram has become an incredibly powerful channel for advertising and extending your brand's reach.  Instagram is now a more effective growth channel than Facebook!  You can reach more people and get higher engagement than other networks by using Instagram, and that's no secret.  By now you've probably become familiar with many "instafamous" brands and individuals.  The ability to have an audience of 10, 20, or 50 thousand people can be a game-changer for a small business.

Results Are Never Guaranteed - Until Rocket Ivy's Instagram Growth Program Came Along.

We have worked with an amazing company called Rocket Ivy that specializes in Instagram growth.  The amazing part about their program is that they offer a 100% money back guarantee, that if they don't exceed your typical growth speed after 60 days, they'll refund your money.  That's pretty unheard of, considering almost no marketing agency in their right minds could ever offer a refund if the marketing didn't hit.  But, Rocket Ivy is a unique service, and their methodology is brilliant and safe.  For a small business, marketing is always a gamble.  You have to pay to play, and results are never guaranteed.  We are all too familiar with this reality from building our clients businesses and our own businesses many many times.  The idea that a marketing spend can guarantee growth or your money back is the holy grail for a small business that needs growth and awareness.

No Spammy Fake Accounts!  Targeted, Real Users.

Sometimes really great sounding instant-growth services let you "buy followers" - not this one.  Rocket Ivy's unique instagram growth program does not trigger a whole swarm of fake accounts to go follow you or like your page, like most of the spammy services that are out there today offer.  Rocket Ivy does not use any fake accounts whatsoever!  100% legit, 100% real users will follow you.  You can even follow up and check them out and see that they are real people, and that they are responding to real engagement and following your brand BECAUSE THEY WANT TO, which is a huge point that makes this service so amazingly effective.

Works Every Time.  Consistantly. Fact Checked. Verified.

We are happy to report that after using Rocket Ivy's services for many of our own brands, and our clients brands, their service has worked EVERY SINGLE TIME.  We were keen on the refund policy, believe me, having worked with other "social marketers" etc who couldn't make real results happen like this.  But, we never even needed the refund policy for the guarantee because the results did show up, and they were verified real by us the first few times just to make sure.

A+ Rating, Highly Recommended 

We're so happy with the results from the Rocket Ivy services that we had to write this article to recommend them.  This is one of the best services we've ever discovered, and for a while we kept it to ourselves, but now they've done such good jobs over the past year that we have to share the wealth and give this review.  I really hope you find this service to be as useful as we have, and that you enjoy the awesome growth that literally anybody can have after signing up for their service.  Great job all around by their friendly staff, too, which is no small part of a good service.  Highly recommended, please check them out if you value cheap and effective growth for your brand.



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