Custom-Car-Wraps: New Feature Pops Design App Right On Affiliate Websites

Thursday, March 21, 2013 by admin has just launched a revolutionary new version of our OG MyStyle Platform that supports a whole new feature that is really going to stir things up in the industry.  

For the first time ever, affiliates can copy and paste a button code from their affiliate dashboard that pops open the "Design a Wrap" Customizer app floating right there on their website.  Their website visitors can then design mockups in minutes and send them thru for quotes without ever leaving the wrap shop website.  No commission on sales, no gimmicks, no hosting fees, no tricky technical requirements- just paste it into your site and it's on.   For a wrap shop to get this button, they can now upgrade their regular affiliate account (free), or their Pro account to the newly released Customizer-Pro level, which will enable this awesome new button.  To demonstrate how easy it is, we've pasted it here in this artice's blog post below.

Design a vehicle wrap online with Custom Car Wraps!  Customize your own vinyl wrap or decals and get quotes from vehicle wrap shops in your area for free!
Design a Vehicle Wrap »

Example Customizer-Pro Button

Here is an example of a "Design a Wrap" button in action (right).  We have a Customizer-Pro affiliate account of our own for testing called "OGM Wraps", and this button is popping open the Custom-Car-Wraps application for our shop specifically.  We simply copy and pasted the code provided in our affiliate dashboard page on, and pasted it here in this article (in literally about 30 seconds).  Click it and try it out!

Drive Engagement, Convert More Web Visitors Into Leads

This marks a huge new opportunity for Wrap Shops around th globe to add an amazing feature to their own websites that has been proven to drive engagement, improve communication of design ideas, and overall convert better generating way more leads at a much higher rate than a normal non-interactive website.  Bottom line here for the shops is that this is a secret weapon to monetize their web traffic better than ever before with top-notch UX, and directly increase sales as a result.

Technology Pricing Goes from Five-Figures to Three

The application used to be priced around $10,000 to $20,000 up front to integrate this enterprise level application into a new website.  Now, with the new platform release it is being offered as a simple copy-paste code feature for only $199/mo, a huge value in comparison to the previous cost to build and maintain an app of this level!  

We're very excited to be supporting the platform and adding more features including options for shops to brand the app directly thru their Custom Car Wraps affiliate dashboard, and more.  The platform architecture has been improved significantly to scale out quickly to handle large amounts of traffic from affiliates.

Disruptive Technology = New Opportunities for Wrap Shops

The app has already been very disruptive in the industry with customers walking into wrap shops having already sent a design mockup thru to them, taking some shop owners by surprise with a lead already closed walking thru the front door having already designed their idea online and created the basic mockup.  The technology works so well, in fact, that it's generating leads for some shops that don't even realize it's out there working for them on the Custom-Car-Wraps site. Imagine the response adding it directly to the shop website?  We're anxious to see just how well this will generate sales for shops across the industry.  

Stay tuned for even more awesome new features that are currently in development, and for Wrap Shops everywhere, head over to and get your Customizer-Pro affiliate account today!


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