Facebook images and profile pics not showing - Yet Another issue in the facebook Meltdown

Tuesday, October 04, 2011 by Sean P

Today (Oct 4, 2011) I noticed that Facebook images are not showing up for most all profile images and some other images throughout the site as well. No, there is not something wrong with your computer or internet connection. It is definitely a problem on facebook's end. Loading an image directly, I get an error response from their server(s):

Service Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.
Reference #6.25cf8f18.1317756735.ed1ffe2f



Facebook has had some glitches in the past, and fixed them soon after, so this isn't the first time and probably won't be the last. They're probably working on it as we speak. This bug most likely has something to do with the new features and changes they've been rolling out recently, but could also be a server failure. Though, as you would expect facebook to have redundant back up servers, it seems unlikely that just a single server issue would cause broken images, so it might be a larger issue. This is, of course, all speculation at this point until they make a statement.

Is Facebook Having a Mid-Life Meltdown?

Considering the recent launch of Google+ as their new competitor and biggest "other option" for major social networking sites, Facebook has noticeably sped up their evolution and started to seemingly scramble to do things that make them better than G+, or at least tried to... they've suddenly started to panic as "the old guy" and tried to make some awkward moves back into coolness, mostly unsuccessfully.

However, they have not seem to taken into account that people have been especially sensitive to any changes on facebook now that there is a new major player and "other option" with G+, including some of their not-so-great recent changes like the scrolling feed, newsfeed "relevance" changes, privacy changes, buggy new image viewer (sometimes arrows show, sometimes they don't, inconsistent behaviors, harder to look at and washed out) etc.

With their HUGE web developer staff, you would think they could develop a better way to roll out features to people and allow them to elect updates, more like browsers or other software has done, so that if people really just want it "the way it is," they can choose to stay that way.  Oh well!  Maybe they'll wise up.  Or, maybe they will keep innovating whatever they can think of in this lackluster buckshot attempt to stay ahead and just ruin their own site. 

Some people think FB has really F'd themselves in the B already. :-P

Between bugs, mistakes, server problems, SPAM getting into the network, new features that just aren't that great, Facebook really seems to be slipping up under pressure. More and more you see comments from people like "I like the old facebook better."  I am reminded of the point at which MySpace turned into a complete mess, and people gravitated in hoards to facebook instead.  This could be that point for facebook with Google+ stepping up to the plate and FB dropping the ball.  Even major social gaming companies like Zynga are releasing games on the G+ platform (Google's homepage sported a Cityville+ link recently) in addition to their traditionally Facebook platform games which gives G+ even more value, credibility, loyalty, and staying power as a social network with the new user base.

This is one of many examples of how Zuckerberg has lost touch with his one and only notable company and product.  He is proving to be less of a genius, and more of a one trick pony trying to toss in a few new tricks.  He should really embrace more creative innovations and make them optional to his ENORMOUS user base to learn what is and isn't going to be the next big innovation. (read: zuckerberg call me ;)

It will be very interesting to watch how this unfolds, as this could be the beginning of a power shift from Fb to G+.  As it stands, Facebook gets a big -1 for hastily forcing innovation on reluctant users and breaking things while trying to fix what wasn't previously broke, and for Google, a big +1 (pun intended) for generally not sucking, ever (great job).

What do you think?

PS: Facebook, if you are reading this, please call me so I can save you / take it to the next level. ;)


Do you think facebook should allow you to choose updates or stay with older versions of fb?


Really? Who cares? For what it's worth, I still have the old FB on my account.


Also, for what it's worth, this is nothing new. FB has made lots of changes over time and people are never happy about them but life goes on. AND Google + has not had time to make these moves, you can't compare, they are like apples and oranges. FB has been around a long time, G+ just started. Give it time.


@jeannie You have old Fb? how? So you don't have new privacy stuff, relevant news feed, new picture viewer, etc?


@jeannie, Well, I care. So that's one. And,considering that these are two of the biggest web companies with the most insane growth patterns in the history of the world and the largest user communities in the world making up for the probably a combined traffic level of more than half of the entire internet, it really makes history internationally and especially within the tech community as a whole as a major event. This glitch today is only a small indicator of a larger issue. I'd say a lot of people find it interesting - across major areas of business and technology - to predict a power shift between the two giants. So, that's probably another million+ people who find it interesting. As far as comparing everything to fruit goes... Since they are both social networks, and they are both household names, they are not really apples and oranges. They're more like, the biggest apple in the world, and an exciting new apple that also happens to be the biggest orange in the world. So, if you're into fruit, that's probably interesting to you as well. ;)

Jennifer Pet

Why didn't leave Facebook alone, Facebook was once a great place for seniors to get in touch with old friends, chat and exchange photos. For me it was godsend to be able to reach these old friends and be able to exchange comments and see their family photos etc. Now that Facebook has made so many (unlikeable) changes, I seldom see my old friends on Facebook or chat. I now have to phone them instead, that is all right, I am on a phone plan. They have expressed the new changes to Facebook are confusing - - and they do not like changes, once they get a hang of something new. So Facebook, better step back and listen to their members and reimplement their oiginal features and settings. Sorry for my spelling errors, Oh! that would be nice feature to have in Facebook - A SPELL CHECK.


This is of photo not showing is a real headache. The problem I am finding is that when I use my dongle on my laptop all the photos appear. However as soon as I connect to the internet using a Netgear N2200 router some not all photos wont appear. This leads me to believe the problem exists either with my router or phone line and not facebook. As I can see all the pictures clearly using my Itouch using it in wireless mode through the Netgear router. So I'm lost for answers where to start looking. My other three lap tops being on windows 7 Vista and XP connected through the same router are giving the same problem. I am not having any problems that I know off on any other website either. Any advise would be helpful


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