Find the Gift of Love with a Photo on Wood

Wednesday, July 06, 2016 by admin

Share Your Special Memories with Wood Photos

Spark the fireworks in your relationship with a photo on wood beautifully designed for your special someone. With its smooth, woody frame your boyfriend or girlfriend will love its unique framework anywhere in the house. Not only will he/she be surprised by the time it took you to create it but its enchanted décor accents any room of choice. Show family and friends what you two love birds have been up to. Eloping for your honeymoon, taking a weekend away from the kids, or simply having romantic dinner dates in town. This is a fun and easy gift to show how much your care.

Surprise him/her with a Special Caption

Wood photos invite a deeper meaning into your relationship with the option to add special in-text captions onto any photo. If this is a special celebratory moment you want to show not just tell what you’re feeling. Vows are marital rituals that are the stepping stones and foundation to the beginning of a marriage. Re-create that moment with new vows or entice your honey with a new version you created all on your own. This is a fun and spicy way to enliven the relationship and it all starts with your photo on wood.

Gift Wrap Your Photo on Wood

Finding the perfect gift for your anniversary or spouses birthday can be challenging to nail down. A photo on wood is different than a typical canvas print and brings out the best memories shared together. It is naturally appealing in any office space, bedroom, or living room that you choose to put it in. Try reminiscing on a special moment only you two shared with a photo that captures all those feelings. Then write a sentimental note characterizing your love for each other. 

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