High Performance PC Purchasing - Comparing and Choosing the Processor

Thursday, June 21, 2012 by admin

Buying a performance PC is way more confusing than it used to be, or needs to be, even for techies.  Dual Cores... Quad Cores... Quint Cores... Intel... i7 Dual... i5 Quad... i5 Dual.. i7 Quad... AMD...  Wait, 8 cores?  Does that even work for most software?  Enough already!

A simple list in order of awesome power would be nice... Ah yes, he' we ar':
List of CPUs By Benchmark Test Results

High performance CPUs, listed in order of performance test results:

The best part is, click on a processor in the list and it gives you a comparison with others in it's range by performance results (1st graph), and then gives another graph of "bang for your buck", power vs cost right below it.  Perfect.  
I bet Intel does not want you seeing this list before swimming thru their confusing marketing!  Some i5's outperform more expensive i7s, which not all i7s even work well with most software yet!
My Recommendation for PCs:  Unless you're shopping for Gaming, or heavy Audio or Video Production, go with the best i5 in your price range - Quad (4) Cores.
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