Make Your Own iPhone Case with Case-Monkey

Monday, October 01, 2012 by admin

We've been happy to see all the cool new designs people are creating easily with our recent launch of Beta.  Case-Monkey is part of the family of MyStyle Platform websites that allow users to easily design and make their own products online.

Case-Monkey (and MyStyle) was evaluated from day 1's soft beta launch to see what kind of experience users would have.  So far we've gotten great feedback from users that they have enjoyed creating, saving, and sharing their own iPhone case designs for free.  Of the users that have designed a case a high percentage have purchased.  This shows that the app is doing great, helping people design their own style cases easily online, and they've been happy with the results.

You can make your own iphone case at for free today - try it out!

More devices will be on the way soon, too, so check back for macbooks, kindles, smart phones, and more to come!

Have fun making your own designs, too - we are!



Just ordered my iPhone case cant wait to get it in the mail

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