MyStyle 3.0 Platform

Update:  Visit the New MyStyle Platform Website Here:

Leverage Personalization:
Allow Users to Create Customized Products with Ease.

Welcome to the next generation of online interactive product personalization. Integrating the MyStyle platform with your online products gives users the power to create products they love, and has proven to have some of the best conversion rates in e-commerce - multiple times higher than normal sales conversion ratios.  Why?  It's in the nuances of the user experience.  MyStyle has been architected to mold to any product and any website, especially open source ecommerce websites.

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The MyStyle 3.0 On-Demand Product Personalization Platform sets a new user experience benchmark for interactive online shopping and increases conversion ratios. Users can dive into a world of endless possibilities by creating their own custom products with personalized images and designs. MyStyle guarantees a positive, unique, memorable user experience for website users with or without design or software experience.


Engaging interactive applications in this capacity can consistently yield a higher conversion ratio than dry, traditional online shopping experiences with a much higher average length of time per page view. It has been shown in various studies that when usability is intuitive, potential customers are more likely to purchase products within this type of rich user experience and even more likely to pay more for their custom product - a potentially significant increase in sales percentage and price point for the products sold.

  • Create products to customize and personalize
  • Purchase on-line with shopping cart
  • Save & Share custom products
  • Preview the customized/personalized product
  • Interactive application

Our goal is to become a dominant player in online customization in many markets. The MyStyle customization engine is applicable for a wide variety of products sold over the internet and can be licensed to a variety of very large potential organizations in various markets.


The Application

The MyStyle Platform Application allows online users to:


  • Load existing designs (images) hosted with the platform
  • Choose their own colors for backgrounds, text, or graphics
  • Upload their own pictures & designs from their computer
  • Download images directly from the Internet into the design from any URL
  • Add vector text (any size / position / color with no distortion) with various font choices
  • Size graphics to fit the tag automatically with different settings
  • Purchase custom or premade products


  • Integrates with any Website Platform for e-commerce
    • PayPal
    • Direct Credit Card processing system (, OpenCart or other)

Save and Share Custom Products

  • Publically in their profile
  • By email
  • With other members
  • With friends in social networks (Facebook, Google+ and other)
  • In a gallery or save privately if elected

Use an Interactive Application

  • Professionally designed for usability
  • Can dynamically design a custom personalized product on-demand
    • Customization: User-chosen options, colors, premade backgrounds, etc
    • Personalization: User-generated content added to the design
  • Multiple preview modes and extendable custom product views
  • Automatically smooth graphics minimal distortion
  • 2D design mode with full control over built in options including (where applicable):
    • color, size, position, rotation
    • shaped cropping
    • effects: glow, drop shadow, bevel

View Faux-3D Preview Mode

The user can:

  • See the customized preview on a common style of product
  • Switch product view (front - back - sides)
  • Customize options

Save the Design to Their Profile

  • register new account if necessary
  • crowd-sources content creation for a scalable business model

Preview Rendering

  • Preview of the customized or personalized product
  • 2D preview for flat surface product
  • 3D preview for non flat product
  • High resolution 3D preview in setting (e.g. car in driveway, furniture in living room, etc.) available


  • Custom metrics can be set up to capture any user interactions or campaign goals
  • Real time Reports - 24 hrs
  • Integrates with Web Platform statistics and reports

Application Potential Products

The OG MyStyle Platform can be used for almost any type of product that is subject to be customized by the user, some sample products are:

  • Small electronics vinyl skins such as skins for cell/smart phones, laptops, tablets, electronic readers, etc.
  • Small electronics covers; cell phone covers, tablet covers, laptop covers, etc.
  • Custom tags; golf bag tags; ID badges, key cards, ID cards, access cards, key fobs, badge reels, badge holders, etc.
  • Custom book covers; paper products, stretch covers, etc.
  • Music and film packaging; CD/DVD stickers, CD/DVD covers, etc.
  • Fabric; custom fabric ordering on line, creation of swats, etc.
  • Custom clothing; t-shirts, event clothing, etc.
  • Custom signs, banners, promotional articles, vehicle decals and magnets, etc.
  • Large format prints, wall posters, commercial prints, etc.
  • Custom car wraps, partial wraps, full wraps

Example Sites

MyStyle is a flexible application with scalable architecture ready for any site, big or small.  

Check out some of the recent sites it's powering in action:

Custom Car Wraps is a revolutionary tool for the vehicle wrap industry to allow customers to easily try out some design ideas and communicate them to wrap shops visually.  It's an easy, fun, and quick way to mockup a wrap idea and reach out to multiple shops at once for quotes.  This site is in Beta still while new features are released all the time.  

Visit Custom Car Wraps

Case Monkey is a site for creating custom phone and tablet cases.  This site is powered by MyStyle with true Web-to-Print capabilities enabled to export high res print files straight from the web page.  The site is integrated with top manufacturers to allow users to easily design their own cases online and export the designs for purchase through a standard open shopping cart platform.  

Visit Case Monkey

Plak That is website that allows users to design, save, share, and purchase their own custom wood prints. The prints are made across different numbers of wood planks turning any image or design into a unique artwork.  

Visit Plak That

MakeCanvasPrints has a beautifully self explanatory name.  True web to design, save, share, and purchase custom canvas prints. 

Visit MakeCanvasPrints

Whatever skateboards allows users to design, save, share, and purchase their own quality longboards and shortboards. 

Visit Whatever


More on the Way!

We are currently working with more companies for additional MyStyle websites.  Stay tuned for more exiciting personalization sites coming to a market near you.  Could your business benefit from integrating the power of personalization?  If so, get in touch and let's chat.