MyStyle Personalization Now Integrates with Wordpress and Woo Commerce as a Plugin!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015 by admin

It's been a long time coming, but with Wordpress having fully established themselves as the #1 CMS in the world, and their recent purchase of Woo Commerce, making it the complimentary go-to Ecommerce component for the #1 CMS int he world, the judges have tallied the score.  WordPress + WooCommerce is the #1 CMS + Ecommerce solution in the world.  For this reason, we are proud to announce that the MyStyle Platform is now available for integration with Wordpress and Woo Commerce, to provide world-class on-website product customization and product preview design tools to the WP + WC package.

Isn't Wordpress a Blog?  A Brief History of the #1 CMS in the World

10 years ago?  Yes.  It was not much different than Blogger (Google's free hosted bloggin platform), except it was Open Source.  Today:  Not even close to just a "blogging platform".  Turns out, being open source has always been the future of the fastest innovations (only everybody and their mother said that ten years ago).  Wordpress, having started as a blog platform, advanced on open source community innovation and the needs of thousands of websites.  WordPress had started with a simple mission:  a content management system that can be free, and easily customized with a theme that doesn't interfere with the main core codebase.  It was great at what it did, and was adopted by millions as a simple blogging platform.  But, CMS systems like Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, Concrete, and many others reigned supreme as more extensible architectures.  Since then, as a result of WordPress's open-source community of thousands of developers all over the world, many but not nearly all bloggers, Wordpress has completely buttoned up it's architecture and with the help of some amazing plugins, and they've blown away the competition in ease of setup, ease of expansion, amount of free plugins, amount of quality plugins, and really overall all-around amazing performance results in all areas, including both SEO and scalability.  WP is a LAMP stack project at heart, meaning Linux Apache MySQL PHP, and this has always been our comfort zone and our specialty, so we're happy to see it grow and improve so well over the past decade.  

The CMS Powering >23% of the Internet Goes Ecommerce

It is estimated today, that 23% of the entire internet is powered by Wordpress.  What were those other CMS' called again?  Doesn't matter.  They're done.  They don't even come close to that wide-spread adoption - nothing else does.  Even our own CMS (OGCMS), which we still believe can be superior to WordPress in many ways (highly custom feature sets mainly), could never catch up and thus is only our 2nd favorite choice to using WordPress as a base architecture.  It's THAT good! So, now that WordPress has decided to legitimize Woo Commerce, a ridiculously easy Ecommerce plugin that adds a fully functional ecommerce store to any WordPress website in about 5 minutes, it's really undeniable that this is the #1 choice in the world for a low-cost, base ecommerce platform.  This is why we've chosen to integrate Wordpress both directly as a component of our larger MyStyle Full-Site solution, and now WordPress + WooCommerce as an easy plugin that you can add to your own sites.

How to Get Product Personalization Up and Running on Your Website with MyStyle + Wordpress & Woo Commerce in Minutes

If you have a Wordpress and Woo Commerce website, you're in luck!  You can enable your site with MyStyle in MINUTES.  It's that easy.  Simpy head over to the MyStyle website to get the plugin.  Once you have downloaded the plugin, upload it to your Wordpress wp-content/plugins/ directory, and then activate it in you Wordpress Admin Panel.  Now, follow the links to obtain your API Key and pass code.  Drop them into your settings and press "Activate & Save", and you're done!  Now you can enable any product in Woo Commerce with a MyStyle Customizer by adding the template ID.  We can provide a list of the product IDs for you, or integrate new products that you ahve.  A "Customize It" button appears on the products that are enabled for MyStyle Customization, and any purchases will provide you with their print file in high resolution, ready for fulfillment by the MyStyle Fulfillment Network, or by you or your partners - however works for you!

Need a Hand Finding the Right Solution For Your Business?

If you would like to talk to a specialist about Product Personalization, Customization, Live Product Previews, and High-Res Print-ready  Files for your website or print business, the MyStyle team is happy to help.

Head over to for more information, and use the Apply or Contact page to get in touch with a customization specialist to take your site to the next level with Live Product Personalization and Customization


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