MyStyle Platform Upgrades Image Quality Across All Sites

Friday, March 01, 2013 by admin

Last week we launched a new version of the MyStyle Platform customizer application that has increased image quality across the board.  The new version uses some additional processes to smooth out JPG and PNG images for a much smoother look, eliminating "jagged" edges of most all images - especially while being rotated or sized to positions that would previously leave images very jagged looking.  The print quality has always been high, so this mainly effects what people see on screen as the web size and thumbnail size images of their custom designs.

We're excited to see how this effects buy through for the platform, as people see a better, higher quality representation of what their purchased product will look like.  Previously, there was some negative feedback on the thumbnails of images throwing people off a bit, giving the impression that the print would be low quality, when in fact the print image would look much better than on screen.  Now, the quality of both are high, so the product looks more high quality on screen as it does in real life.  We hope this gives shoppers more confidence in purchasing they're custom creations.

Sites affected by these changes include Case Monkey, Custom Car Wraps, Plak That, and more sites that are live now and some that are in development for upcoming launches this year.

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