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In order to provide top quality products and services, One Giant partners are researched and selected based on 1 main criteria: they must be the best there is. In many cases we are who we work with, so we make sure to bring our clients the services of the top companies in their respective spaces.


We use Gmail as one web-based email option, and Google Analytics to measure website performance with automated reports. Google needs no introduction.



Thanks to Adobe's purchase of Macromedia, Flash has become a worldwide standard and evolved into open-source-SDK Flex.  One Giant utilizes this technology to provide a whole new level of RIAs, interactive websites and web application interfaces.



FlashDevelop is an open source alternative to using Adobe Flash or Adobe FlexBuilder.  Thanks to these guys and their great work, robust RIAs can be developed faster and cleaner than traditional industry-leading software from Adobe!  One Giant Media is a proud sponsor of this project and encourages anyone that wants to help the progression of rich flash/flex media to donate a modest amount to their organization.



GreenSock, a.k.a. Jack Doyle, has put together the best actionscript animation engine in existence. His libraries of code ass-kickery have enabled actionscript developers, Flash or Flex, to animate interactivity more powerfully and much smoother than Flash itself. Combine the GreenSock libraries together with the FlexSDK and FlashDevelop, and you've got something Flash could only dream of- this is the One Giant specialty. OGM is proud to be an annual sponsor of this groundbreaking work, and if you support the Flash and/or Flex community, don't hesitate to donate to Club GreenSock.



We've worked with an array of hosting companies over the years, and are happy to say we've found the best of the best. 24 hour support and never on hold for long. No overage charges.  Unlimited bandwidth.  Routine backups. Friendly staff. Need we say more for a large hosting company?


Go Daddy

We jumped on the bandwagon switching over to registrar giant GoDaddy.com, and are very happy that we did.


Jen Jansen Photography
Jen Jansen Photography

Jen Jansen is an amazing San Diego based photographer. With a studio space in The Glasshaus downtown Jen helps us to create everything from high res 3D digital product photography to unique vintage prints.