Wood Photo Prints for Your Home

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 by kims

Wood Photo Prints For Your Home

Wood photo prints are a great addition to your home. You can get them custom made at From choosing the right sizes to uploading your best photos, they are versitile in their look in style, making it easy to create the perfect piece to hang on any wall in your home. These wooden photo prints are less stale than an ordinary photo and have a high quality look to them. They have a sturdy yet warm look and are great pieces of art that will last a long time. 

Statement Piece

Large wood photo prints are perfect for the living room. This statement piece that can be hung over a couch, can add that pop of color to a living area. Chooisng a colorful print will help add the boldness to the wall that the print is hung on. The wooden photo prints do have a rustic look to them and are fitting for a traditional type home. They can also be appropriate for a modern home also. Even though the look is rustic, the type of image that is chasen to be printed can make a big difference. If the image is an American flag, this could work for both a modern or traditional home. A stylized photograph of a pier that is done in monotone could work great for a modern home, while a family portriat is perfect for a homey look.

Quality Wood Prints

The quality of the plaks from are great. Instead of printing a white color, the design is made so that the bright areas of the photo is where the wood grain has a chance to show through. This touch of details really adds to the character of the wood photo prints. You can also tell by the quality of the plaks that they are carefully cut and handmade with care. This is a top quality product that is made from a  company that takes a lot of pride in their work. The wood prints are 100% made in the USA, and each one is checked for quality before being shipped out.



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